International Chillout Lounge – volume 2 (relaxation mix) // 62 minutes chill-out music

We travelled and worked a lot and here it is: Our second release is online! We proudly present “International Chillout Lounge Vol. 2″. Now on YouTube for free and in a few days it will be available worldwide in the ITunes store.

This time we collected some wonderful and relaxed tunes and put it together in a wonderful mix of different chill-out & lounge music and smooth house tunes. Enjoy yourself and relax!

01. Red Eyed Pete – Stuck in a dream
02. Swift Skyfall – Transcendence of the feeling (spanish summer night mix)
03. Bee Flow – Relax and let go
04. Lana Paris – 3 days to love
05. Red Eyed Pete – Flight across
06. Bee Flow – Without you (epic chill out mix)
07. Swift Skyfall – Divergent but one
08. The Backpack-Non-Tourists – D7Minor
09. Swift Skyfall – Edge of tomorrow (lounge mix)
10. Red Eyed Pete – Summer & flame
11. Lana Paris – A day in the lobby
12. Lana Paris – Pure desire (downbeat mix)
13. Swift Skyfall – Midnight star

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