International Chillout Lounge

International Chillout Lounge is your source for peaceful and smooth background music for relaxation, meditation, doing your daily yoga, studying, creative work or simply hanging out with your friends and having a good time. The global music producer network of the International Chillout Lounge takes you into a world of smooth sound sound with styles reaching from ambient, chill out, lounge, downbeat, piano improvisations and simple calming beats, that can make you as relaxed as an enlightened buddha’s soul on a sunny beach. Enjoy yourself!

About us:

We, Max and Flo, are two musicians and producers from Hamburg creating relaxed music. As we love to travel we found a lot of wonderful places around the world and met many great musicians. That inspired us so much that we decided to bring all the influences together in a project: International Chillout Lounge. So a compilation is a collection of international music of our friends from New York City to Mumbai. As we love being creative we took a lot of pictures of beautiful moments and places. You can see those in our artwork and videos on youtube. Every song is like a picture a specific feeling, a special moment and we want so share those moments with you.

Information links:
YouTube chill-out channel
Background music
Chill out music
Lounge music


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